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At Gurucool, we provide language classes that are tailored to the needs of each student. Our experienced staff including native speakers are passionate about teaching, and we strive to make our classes as interactive and engaging as possible. We understand that learning a new language can be daunting, so we have created a friendly, relaxed learning environment that will help you build confidence in your language skills.

Our classes are designed to help you make progress and become fluent in the language of your choice.  Besides our language classes, we also offer extracurricular activities, providing our students with additional opportunities to sharpen their skills.  We offer pronunciation drills and cultural excursions to give students a comprehensive understanding of their target language. We also have a selection of online resources that can help you practice outside of class. 

Phonics & Early Literacy

Phonics  is a structural Method of reading using sounds assigned for each alphabet. We teach our kids the relationship between the letters or groups of letters and their sounds. Methods for building phonemic awareness and early literacy skills include rhyming activities, blending phonemes (sounds) to create words, segmenting phonemes to spell words, and strengthening letter recognition skills. Our kids are given enough practice reading and writing anecdotes in order to help students develop fluency, improve vocabulary, and become familiar with the mechanics of language.  

Colorful Alphabets

Comprehensive Skills

Give your child the ability to extract meaning, main idea, sequencing, find the facts within the context, raise questions upon necessity, and personal opinion, compare, description of a character, and finally able to conclude in a structural way with proper grammar and vocabulary.  It allows the brain to seek in the details in any form in a verbal manner.

Spelling & Vocabulary

Spelling and vocabulary are essential components of effective communication and play a vital role in communication which is directly related to reading skills. Vocabulary helps you to play with words and its equivalent. Correct spelling and adequate knowledge of words are critical when writing, speaking and listening.  Our classes include word games, look up in the dictionary, and mnemonics, such as rhymes, stories, or sayings, to help kids remember spellings.  We help your child recognize spelling patterns.

Learning on Mobile App
Online Socializing

Communication Development

Our methodology is based on enjoyable learning activities, often involving play, to help kids pick up the language faster. We conduct interactive activities and exercises to help your child grasp the concepts, as well as to improve your child's grammar, pronunciation, and other communication skills. To make the classes fun and engaging, we use tools such as stories, word games, role-playing, and more. We also encourage our students to actively practice communication by engaging in conversations with their peers and instructors. Beyond verbal communication, we also focus on developing their nonverbal communication skills to help them communicate confidently. 


Grammar is an essential part of learning any language. It is the structure of a language, and helps us to communicate effectively.We provide advice on how to improve your grammar skills, so you can become a confident communicator. We are dedicated to helping you become the best linguist you can be.

Grammer Editing

Story Telling & Drama Scripting

Let your children express their feelings with this beautiful art of narrating stories in your regional language or English with effective syntax. We provide multiple ways for a child to express like public speaking and scripting a drama which helps the emotions take up the play and invites others to take part in their story.

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