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Gurucool is a premier learning platform offering both online and offline courses for local and international learners. Our mission is to create an engaging, stimulating, and highly accessible educational environment tailored to meet the unique needs of your child. We complement traditional school syllabi while delivering content in a distinctive and personalized manner.

At Gurucool, we develop curricula that bridge the gap between age and grade-appropriate standards, ensuring your child excels in their performance. Our approach builds confidence by providing a variety of opportunities to overcome learning challenges, making education a joyful journey. Recognizing that every child is unique, we employ diverse teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles.

We specialize in early education and mathematics, covering curricula from NCERT to IB and other major boards. Our commitment is to keep your child ahead of their grade level through hands-on activities, creative projects, and a wide range of extracurricular experiences. We create an environment where diverse talents and interests are celebrated and nurtured.

At Gurucool, we emphasize practical applications of science, social studies, languages, and mathematics. We bring history and the world around them to life through experiential learning. Our programs highlight the importance of languages such as English, Hindi, and Tamil, demonstrating their roles in day-to-day life and enhancing communication skills. In mathematics, we show how fundamental concepts are applied in real-world scenarios, making the subject both relevant and exciting.

Collaboration and teamwork are integral to Gurucool's philosophy. Through problem-solving activities and team-based projects, our students develop the confidence and skills necessary to contribute effectively to the global economy. We emphasize practical applications of science and social studies, bringing history and the world around them to life through experiential learning.


Krithika - Founder & Educator @ Gurucool

I am an educator with over 1.5 decades of teaching experience, and my journey has been enriched by collaborating with the esteemed Ms. Shabina Ara for six transformative years. Guiding young minds is not just my profession; it’s my calling. I firmly believe that every child deserves personalized guidance, and my mission is to nurture their innate brilliance and ignite their educational path.

My academic journey includes a background in business administration and a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication. But it doesn’t stop there—I further pursued my M.Phil in communication studies and in a quest for knowledge researching to obtain a Doctorate. Why? Because excellence knows no boundaries and to enhance my ability to work alongside my students, fostering growth and excellence.

Gurucool was born from my unwavering passion for education, surrounded by the laughter and wonder of children. As a parent myself, I strive to create an enlightened environment where young minds flourish.

To explore diverse approaches, align with international standards, and elevate my craft.  It’s more than a centre; it’s a vision.

We celebrate cultural nuances, prepare for a globalized world, and build not just knowledge but character.


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