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Language Lab
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Language Lab

We offer personalized language classes designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Our experienced teachers utilize a variety of engaging and interactive methods to help students build confidence in their language skills, from beginner to advanced levels. With our tailored approach, students can expect to see significant progress and improvement in their language abilities. Join us at Gurucool Language Lab and take your language-learning journey to the next level!

Maths Club

Struggling with math? Let us make it enjoyable and easy to learn! Our team of experts will help your child understand math in an engaging and fun way. We'll make sure the concepts stick, so they can make long-lasting progress. 

Book online or call us to let us know your requirements and needs. We'll tailor a program specifically for your child so that math can become an enjoyable subject instead of just a chore! 

Colorful Toys

My mentors 

My mother and Ms. Shabina Ara mam have been my most influential mentors over the years.  Not to forget My Father as he was the one to come up with a mission to provide education to the neediest irrespective of distance. My mother has taught me lessons of hard work and resilience in life, while Ms. Shabina Ara mam has shaped me into a teacher, showing me the inner workings of the profession. They all have been incredibly supportive, and patient and have offered wisdom, guidance, and support through the years.

They have helped me develop both my personal and professional skills, which has had a profound effect on my success thus far. I am incredibly thankful for having such amazing mentors that have paved the way for my growth and development in life.  My mentors have taught me so much in life that I wouldn't have thought I could pick up from them. They have been the best teachers in my life, who have helped me grow and become the person I am today.

Through their guidance and experience, I have learned what it means to believe in myself and stand up for what I believe in. I have been taught and made to understand the importance of discipline and hard work which has greatly trained me to become more and more successful in life. 

They have never failed to inspire and motivate me even in the most difficult of situations. Their care, love, and support can never be forgotten. I am forever grateful to them for inculcating such wonderful values in my life.

Also, those few of my close people showed me the unseen pathways of teaching.

Give Thanks
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Akshaya, Phonics class

I am so glad to be on the right place, my child is in grade 3 and she is with Krithika mam from her kindergarten.  She loves her class and wishing mam a wonderful beginning.  We always support you as you a part of my child's learning.

Zoya, Math reasoning

My cousin referred her and  initially was hesitant to take up an online class as we live in Australia and quite not sure about the classes overseas.  Then she gave us a demo now, my son is so happy with her class.  Thanks, Krithika, for your support on the right time means a lot as you understand my son's condition better as a  teacher.  Keep rocking.

Sohail, Math & Science reasoning

My kids were shaken up from their roots to believe in any private class from their previous experience, but Krithika mam handled them with so much care, tolerated them, helped them to gain confidence and trust.  Wishing her all the very best from the deep of my heart. 

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