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At Gurucool, we specialize in early education, starting from 3.5 years onwards. Our core focus areas include phonics, mathematics, grammar, and reasoning. Whether your child needs individual attention or prefers small group pods, Gurucool ensures a holistic learning experience.  Whether you’re drawn to local gems or have your sights set on international horizons, our diverse range of courses awaits. Choose your path and prepare to explore, discover, and thrive!

What We

Phonics & Early Literacy

Our captivating phonics and early literacy program spans 20 weeks, divided into 5 engaging modules, each lasting 4 weeks. During this transformative journey, children aged 4 and above will explore the magic of reading and writing, laying a solid foundation for a lifelong love of literacy.

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

Our 5-module curriculum blends grammar and creative writing. From basic parts of speech to advanced verb tenses, our lessons boost confidence in public speaking and writing. Children explore storytelling through short stories, poems, and essays. Interactive, professional, and tailored for ages 5 to 12.

Reasoning Science & Social (NCERT, CBSE & IB)

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiments, we foster a holistic understanding of science and social studies. Our live classes encourage interaction, discussion, and personalized attention, ensuring effective learning. Beyond exam preparation, we equip students with life skills, nurturing curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning.

Math operations & Understanding: Activity - Based Course Module

Our 18-week course is meticulously crafted to reinforce the educational groundwork laid during elementary and preschool years. By addressing gaps, clarifying fundamental concepts, and empowering students to engage with their studies, we facilitate seamless progress within their current grade. Choose from two options: complete all 3 modules or customize your learning by selecting specific topics.

Graded English Grammar Curriculum & Comprehensive Skills

Graded Grammar Course: Follow a structured curriculum over 8 weeks for each grade (from 1 to 5). Develop a robust foundation in grammar and enhance your overall English skills.

Module-Based Program: Customize your learning by selecting specific grammar modules. Whether it’s sentence structure, verb tenses, or English pronouns, our flexible program empowers you to learn at your own pace.

Under the exceptional guidance of Krithika, my daughter's progress in phonics has been truly remarkable. Despite being only 5 years old, she reads with fluency and confidence that astounds me, all thanks to Krithika's dedicated instruction.  Krithika has an extraordinary ability to captivate young learners and make phonics not only understandable but also enjoyable.  With her patient approach and expert guidance, she has not only improved my daughter's reading abilities but also instilled in her a genuine passion for learning.  I am deeply grateful for Krithika's unwavering commitment and expertise in nurturing my daughter's literacy skills.


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